Why Choose Us?

Competitive Pricing:

We offer FREE estimates for all our products. We will always strive to design each product with cost in mind without compromising on structural integrity and quality.


We believe that quality is the cornerstone of our business. Our employees are trained to control quality by checking material integrity, and maintaining accuracy in assembly and production. At Prairie Truss we consistently meet and exceed the quality requirements of the Western Wood Truss Association.


Prairie Truss has been in the industry for almost 2 decades and has many employees that have worked here for the entire time. They’ve seen it all, and built it all. We are community owned and operated and take pride in our work, ensuring you have a quality product each and every time.

On Time Delivery:

At Prairie Truss we have our own fleet of delivery vehicles, from large to small. We don’t have to rely on 3rd party haulers to deliver our products and that gives us the ability to schedule on time delivery when you need it.

Product Guarantees:

We stand behind the products that we sell and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Short Lead Times:

We know that you’re on a schedule and don’t have time to wait for weeks or months to get your trusses built. That’s why we’ll work hard to do what it takes to get our products to you when you need them.

Proactive Scheduling and Shipping:

Once you place your order with Prairie Truss, we look after the scheduling and any movement of delivery dates or times by direct interaction of our shipping department to our clients or their project managers, eliminating the middle person to ensure a quicker, more efficient scheduling process.

Designed specifically for you:

Each truss built by Prairie Truss is custom designed for you. We design them for your area and follow the building codes that are applicable for your project. All our trusses are accompanied by Engineer Sealed Documentation.

Building Anything?

Houses, Garages, Barns, Shops...

If it's trusses you're looking for, we're the place to go!
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Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00