floor trusses

Floor Trusses

In addition to supplying I-joist, we also manufacture open wood web floor trusses. These can be custom designed to almost any configuration and have many benefits over the common I-joist systems being used in a lot of residential systems.

Some of these are:

  • Provides a wide nailing surface allowing for easy and quick gluing, as well as faster and more accurate attachment of floor decking and ceiling which mean less squeaks, a longer lifespan, and overall increased performance versus conventional framing
  • Provides a wide and highly stable surface to work on and with
  • Longer spans and girder truss options reduce the need for costly additional support items such as bearing walls, beams, columns, and footings
  • Open web design leaves ample room for heating, plumbing, and electrical runs and can be built with custom chase ways for your ducting
  • Each order is accompanied by detailed assembly/truss placement instructions upon delivery for accurate, reliable results

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