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Prairie Truss is a community owned and operated company that designs and manufactures roof and floor truss systems for residential, commercial and agricultural projects of all sizes. We distribute our product across Western Canada. We have been operating at our plant just outside of Stonewall, Manitoba since 1995 and are continuing to grow. We also supply pre-engineered wood products and sell complete truss packages including beams, hangers and all other required products. We work hard to provide our customers with service that they will want to come back for. Some of these services include on-site visits when necessary and quick turnaround times. We work together with our customers as well as the contractors and engineers to ensure that the customer is getting what they need and when they need it. We have our own fleet of delivery trucks so that we don’t have to depend on third party hauling companies, giving us an advantage and ensuring deliveries when it works for you!

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