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At Prairie Truss we manufacture roof and floor trusses for all Commercial, Residential and Farm buildings. We’ve built trusses from 3 feet all the way up to 106 feet (clear span)! We custom design each job to your specific requirements so that we can provide you with accurate and competitive estimates. So if you’re building something as simple as a garden shed, or your dream home, we can help you with your project! We’ve provided our services to clients from British Columbia all the way to Ontario and everywhere in-between,  but the majority of our work is found in Manitoba, trusseswhere we call “Home”.

By using Prairie Truss as your supplier, you can rest assured that you’re getting an amazing product for a fair price. We are unique as a truss manufacture because, unlike other truss companies, we sell direct the public. There’s no middle-man to mark up the product, saving you money. Also, we have a quality control system in place that ensures that your product is one that will meet or exceed your requirements. We’ve set our own standards above the minimum standards required in thing like mandating 2×4 lumber as the minimum size used in our trusses (and 90% of the time we use MSR lumber, even when not required)  to ensure a top notch product will be delivered to your site. There are many benefits to using an engineered roof truss system from Prairie Truss.

Some of these are:

  • Faster on-site assembly vs. on-site framing
  • Greater design flexibility than conventional framing methods
  • Engineered trusses are strong, precision-fitted and long-lasting
  • Quality controlled production
  • Structurally superior
  • Sophisticated design software to ensure consistency, accuracy, and quality
  • Constant updating of engineering software and latest building code data
  • All our truss designs are backed by professional engineers to ensure structural requirements are met
  • A complete set of sealed engineered drawings are provided with each truss package
  • We supply all metal hangers required to carry the calculated bearing load for each truss
  • All joints are clamped for a tight fit and held in place during the pressing of the plate
  • All trusses are sent through a finishing roller to achieve maximum rated strength
  • Each truss is solidly clamped in place to ensure it remains in the same place during the entire assembly and so that all consecutive trusses maintain the same geometry
  • Our trusses are hand assembled by experienced craftsmen

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I wanted to thank you all for your help and prompt attention to all of my building needs. You greatly outperformed your competition in service, price and attention to detail. I would not consider using any other companies in the future for any of my projects. I will also refer as many people your way as I can.

Trevor Grexton   

"We built a 600 square foot addition and ordered the rafters from Prairie Truss . The product was very well made and fit perfectly. Their support staff was very helpful when we made our order and they were delivered on time and in great shape! We were pleased with the service we received."

Erwin Wipf   

"I have been very happy with the service. We built a 1.5 story house and the design of the rafters was well thought through."

Cal Dueck    Dueck Homes   

"We use Prairie Truss for a lot of our rafter and floor joists. We are always happy with them. Great product and always friendly service."

Craig Bjornson    Contractor   

"Fast service. Was nice dealing with them."

Randy Fedorchuck    Arborg Home Hardware   

"Best place to buy building products. Within one year we have done at least 10 projects with these guys. Wonderful guys to deal with. They take each project very seriously, no matter how big or small the project is. I don't think any one comes close to their service and products."

Gary Brar    Owner of Western Star Inn & Suites   

“I have been buying floor joists and roof trusses for houses, commercial and agricultural buildings from Prairie Truss since 2002. We have enjoyed a very good working relationship and their service and prices have always been good. The rapport is excellent.”

Clinton Plett    Countryside Home Building Centre   

"Great service, good products, and nice to deal with!"

George Stahl    Spring Water Colony   

“We buy trusses from Prairie Truss for our buildings and they are among our top two to three suppliers. They have a good quality product at a good price and are very fair in their dealings. If there are any issues, we can generally work them out.”

Ron Dyck    Penfor Construction   

"We built a house and most stuff was fine. We had some complications but these were rectified fairly quickly. All in all though we were very satisfied and the price was right. The house had very complicated roof and honestly didn't expect everything to go perfect. Solid 8 out of 10."

Joe Hoffart